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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Would 'cha look at that!

As you all know im always bored. im constantly searching for new activities. well today i figured i would make a logo for all my photos, but thats what i thought! i went to a website and i dont think its kinda suitable for photo logos because i need to pick a logo that IS a picture. so i thought it will look weird and messed up. but i explored the website and i found different types of pictures for the logo. i found a picture of an eagle and i realised that that would be awesome for ANAHAFI. heh... its been a long time since i even thought about ANAHAFI. back to the point. the thing is, our original ANAHAFI logo was an eagle too! it was red and unique but i cant draw an eagle that well so it looks retarded. but the website had a perfect eagle and i customized it looking ALMOST like our original logo. so check it out and do comment :)

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