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Friday, January 28, 2011

Addicted to it

  everybody must have something to be addicted about... well.. my addiction is a little weird and uncommon... haha! please leave a comment :)



yes... im addicted... i know almost everything about it... -.-'
it first started when i was watching astro boy the movie at HBO (i think la)  i cried like crazy! (because its so touching :P) and the whole week i cant think of anything else! i watched it in youtube again...and again...and again... then i was curious about the old 1960's - 2003's) cartoons... so i watched the 1980 episode! I LOVED IT! before that i thought it was an unprofessional cartoon... after some research... i discovered that it was really famous and the creator (osamu tezuka) has been called godfather of anime! and you know what else?

his last words were

"I'm begging you, let me work!"

he died of stomach cancer :'(

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best reunion ever

20th january, Thursday. We planned for a reunion for a long time. And be we, i meant me and nadhirah... We planned it well... Unfortunately, we were to ecxited and we held it in january.. Hahaaha to early dont you think? so we gathered at the McD at section 18... I was going there with one of my best friend Aliah aka Leeya. when when went upstair.. we saw our friends... or as i like to call them... long lost friend. lost for two months. :P after almost all of them came.. we and some friends went down to but icecreams. well except for Dyra and the guys... Dyra bought sumthing like pancakes. the guys bought burgers and coffee. as dyra and me were buying those food... Hani jumped at us from behind. i accidently hit her... and farah... panicking instincts. then our favourite teachers came.. we had a lot of photo sessions. then we all head to the ole- ole shopping center nearby. we went karaoke first. we took two VIP rooms. we sang like crazy! me and dyra were at the same rooms as the guys... so its twice as noisy as the other room... then we went bowling. we had 4 lanes. the guys team was awesome! un beatable! coolest! and craziest! we played two games... then we went bankrupt :P here's the pics

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Class 'makeover'

Today my friends went to school to do a makeover. and yes... we're wasting our saturday morning. i was in charge of the polystyrenes. and paint. holy cow that was hard! so brought all my stuff... even my crayons... aannndddddddd i forgot to bring the paint brushes. -.-' thank god my friend brought one. so my 'assistant' hehe uses the brush while i use.... my own fingers. good news is, my teacher bought one more brush :D

things went on really well... the polysteryn banner was great! but my mom doesn't think the sentence is right... errr

always aim for the perfect! wait... is that right??????

well i have not much to say... so im putting the photos that i've taken from my ipod touch

 work your butt outs!!! MUAHAHAHA
 ainno & afrina!

 it turned out GOOD! :D

 adam's IPHONE!!!! WITH HORNS!!!
 see? owh... and i did the decoration... my teacher said they are going to make me 'suffer' just because im creative! i need to 'suffer' nest week too!!! T^T

bye bye huge school....

and now... i am HAPPILY polishing my nails. my nails suffered the most :P

Friday, January 14, 2011

Best friend

when I was at standard two & three, i was best friends at 'sekolah agama' with this girl... (Nazirah) i loved her because she accepts me for who i am... :)one day... she moved to another house... she still studies at SKS 20 while I study at SKS 19... but she move to another 'sekolah agama'... so I wont be seeing her again...well, thats what i thought. but we still keep in touch by sending letters. she wrote me a letter and passes the letter to her SKS 20 friends who went to the same sekolah agama with me. and her friend will give it to me. the problem is.. back then i was to lazy to write back. yes... i regret that. it's been about three years since i met her. i never forget her face. so i just went on with my life. this year i went to SMKS 19..  SKS 19  and SKS 20 pupils will be studying there. i met a lot of my SKS 20 friends. its been so long since i met them. the reason is that i quit sekolah agama for about 1-2 years. so it was like a huge reunion. little did i know, nazirah was the same class with me!!! at first i doubted her to even remember me. but after Hani talked to her.. she stills remembers me. so i was in great joy.. i started rolling my body on her table haha!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


ITS 2011!!!!!!! im going to high school this year! the truth is... im scared! i mean... its HIGH school. wuth NEW friends. and NEW teachers. im scared cuz im not really good in making new friends.... i least i have some friends that is still with me. the problem is... im in the KRK. KRK students go to school in the morning while others at the evening. so yeah, im going to have a shortage of SKS 19 friends =( oh well...

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