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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best reunion ever

20th january, Thursday. We planned for a reunion for a long time. And be we, i meant me and nadhirah... We planned it well... Unfortunately, we were to ecxited and we held it in january.. Hahaaha to early dont you think? so we gathered at the McD at section 18... I was going there with one of my best friend Aliah aka Leeya. when when went upstair.. we saw our friends... or as i like to call them... long lost friend. lost for two months. :P after almost all of them came.. we and some friends went down to but icecreams. well except for Dyra and the guys... Dyra bought sumthing like pancakes. the guys bought burgers and coffee. as dyra and me were buying those food... Hani jumped at us from behind. i accidently hit her... and farah... panicking instincts. then our favourite teachers came.. we had a lot of photo sessions. then we all head to the ole- ole shopping center nearby. we went karaoke first. we took two VIP rooms. we sang like crazy! me and dyra were at the same rooms as the guys... so its twice as noisy as the other room... then we went bowling. we had 4 lanes. the guys team was awesome! un beatable! coolest! and craziest! we played two games... then we went bankrupt :P here's the pics

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