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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Burning sounded evil but im actually burning CDs :P For the Poco-Poco! This is just a tiny post to let you know that im.......




Monday, March 28, 2011

This. . . That . . . I'm in! :D

    remember the post 'public speaking' that i went? well thats JUST public speaking. after that I went to see the debate a day after that! you know whats the best part of these activities? you can skip class but you'll present in the class log book. *wink wink* so I went to the debate with Carmiela, Don, Kat and Ran. had a blast but we lost. Ran keeps saying that the judges are stupid. Then I challenged her for the TapTap rematch that we've promised. btw... while Carmiela, Don and Kat was prepping, me and Ran started playing TapTap Revenge using my iPod. I won every round. but thats just the easy level. Ran wasnt so happy so i challenged her to a rematch at the EXTREME LEVEL. and thats... how I lost at my own game =_='

   enough with the debate... Now its the public speaking (round two) story.  Since Don won 2nd in the first round, she will go up against the other schools the the second round. But Carmiela wont be joining.. she's sick. so the teacher asked me to take a friend that's good in english... so i picked Hani. and to think... out of all the form 1 to form 5 students, WE were chosen. Hani was happy that she got to skip class AND skip reading the 'pidato' then we ate brownies and we lived happily ever after... and i got chocolate braces... :D

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thanks a bunch :)

Thanks for what you say? well... thanks for reading this of course! without you guys my blog wont get that many views! this is just a short post to tell you that my blog has reached 1234 viewers! thanks again for all your support!!! :D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Public Speaking

Hello random reader that I may not know...Today i want to write about the public speaking competition i went at SMKS 16. I went with Carmiela and Don Claudine but only don's participate. We just watch... It was quite awesome! The school was great!!! There was so much competition (sort of) even cocky ones. At the end of the day, The wonderful Miss Don Claudine won 2nd placcce! I salute you don :D

 Thats My Favourite Nerd :D

 If im not mistaken, her name is Amanda Anne Lavinya


 Sleepy Tap Tap-er

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Would 'cha look at that!

As you all know im always bored. im constantly searching for new activities. well today i figured i would make a logo for all my photos, but thats what i thought! i went to a website and i dont think its kinda suitable for photo logos because i need to pick a logo that IS a picture. so i thought it will look weird and messed up. but i explored the website and i found different types of pictures for the logo. i found a picture of an eagle and i realised that that would be awesome for ANAHAFI. heh... its been a long time since i even thought about ANAHAFI. back to the point. the thing is, our original ANAHAFI logo was an eagle too! it was red and unique but i cant draw an eagle that well so it looks retarded. but the website had a perfect eagle and i customized it looking ALMOST like our original logo. so check it out and do comment :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I'm sure you guys knew about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This whole thing can even effect the neighbouring countries such as north Korea, Taiwan, Philipines, Cambodia, Vietnam and maybe even our beloved Malaysia. You should be thankful that god didnt make this disaster at your country, just minor disasters. try watching all the videos related to the Japan disasters in . thats where i watched the tragic videos. and for those malaysian 'berita harian' comic artist, please tell us why you did that terrible caricatures as if you are making fun of the tsunami? do you think its funny? have you experienced it? after the CNN ireport told the world about this awful drawing, then you apologise??? its breaks my heart seeing all of those innocent people dying rapidly because of this. all the senior citizens and kids, helpless. one by one killed, smashed, drown and all of those imaginable stuff. to all the Muslims out there who are reading this, say Alhamdulillah that we still have a chance to live. and for the non-muslims, just be thankful for god that have given you a chace to live and be a better person.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Groupies, ANAHAFI


ANAHAFI :D this video contains bad angles, multi-language, weirdness, nonsense and group love. sorry for my voice... got my braces tightened so its sounds weird :) anyways... i had so much fun recording this *no cuts* so its pretty hard. for my groupies who are watching this, make sure that we stay together as a team! lots of love u guys! thnx for being there for this lil' dork :D follow my twitter :)


Friday, March 4, 2011

The Establishment of ANAHAFI

Noticed my blog is currently named 'guys and girls... its ANAHAFI !'? well its because thats the name of my beloved group. as in ...


What is Anahafi?
 -This group was made by only the Sekolah Kebangsaan Sek 19 ex students. this is a group where the group members are alike and gets along well (sort of :P)

How did we suddenly have this idea for a group?
-It was first in math class. our teacher said we've accidentally over studied. so he came up with the idea to do some math games. we need to build a group and name it. So the guys (azib,fazmeer and imran) came to our table. so now we have a group. then we need to think of a good sophisticated name. suddenly hani and aliah popped out and idea. they took the first letters of our name and combined it. we got a name with just 1 try of scrambling the words.

What do we do in this group?
- normally we just play the math games together. but now its like a group we can depend on. if we are bored, we chat around together. if we dont know anything, we ask each others' opinion. normally we fight and argue alot. but with this group, we became
an.... inch closer. -.-'

Do we have any special activities?
- yes we do. we gathered every group members' ambition and we made stories, drawings and future planning. for example; hani wants to be a doctor who is professional in everything. so she plans to build 'ANAHAFI Private Hospital. Me and Fazmeer wants to be the best pilots in Malaysia and work with OUR company, the ANAHAFI Airlines. Fazmeer's the pilot and i'm the co-pilot. because of us, hani wants to be a flight controller :P. Aliah wants to be a successful engineer and open up the ANAHAFI engineering. Nurin wants to be a detective, azib a fireman, and imran wants to be a successful modern farmer / cowboy. HAHA!

I'll write more about the ANAHAFI after i fing my blue book where i keep all the ANAHAFI stuff.... FREAKING OUTT!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Addiction...

YES YES! NEW ADDICTION! no more Astro boy..sort of.. but it's SOUL EATER. thanks to my friend humaira, i've been watching the whole series. now i've watched all the series and im moving on to the comics at MANGAREADER. ive memorize two of the theme songs too!RESONANCE OF SOUL  and PAPER MOON.

ask me and humaira anything about SOUL EATER and im sure we have the answer.... 

-Soul Eater
-Maka Albarn
-Black Star
-Death The Kid
-Liz Thompson
-Patty Thompson

-Dr Stein

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