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Monday, March 28, 2011

This. . . That . . . I'm in! :D

    remember the post 'public speaking' that i went? well thats JUST public speaking. after that I went to see the debate a day after that! you know whats the best part of these activities? you can skip class but you'll present in the class log book. *wink wink* so I went to the debate with Carmiela, Don, Kat and Ran. had a blast but we lost. Ran keeps saying that the judges are stupid. Then I challenged her for the TapTap rematch that we've promised. btw... while Carmiela, Don and Kat was prepping, me and Ran started playing TapTap Revenge using my iPod. I won every round. but thats just the easy level. Ran wasnt so happy so i challenged her to a rematch at the EXTREME LEVEL. and thats... how I lost at my own game =_='

   enough with the debate... Now its the public speaking (round two) story.  Since Don won 2nd in the first round, she will go up against the other schools the the second round. But Carmiela wont be joining.. she's sick. so the teacher asked me to take a friend that's good in english... so i picked Hani. and to think... out of all the form 1 to form 5 students, WE were chosen. Hani was happy that she got to skip class AND skip reading the 'pidato' then we ate brownies and we lived happily ever after... and i got chocolate braces... :D

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