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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I'm sure you guys knew about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This whole thing can even effect the neighbouring countries such as north Korea, Taiwan, Philipines, Cambodia, Vietnam and maybe even our beloved Malaysia. You should be thankful that god didnt make this disaster at your country, just minor disasters. try watching all the videos related to the Japan disasters in . thats where i watched the tragic videos. and for those malaysian 'berita harian' comic artist, please tell us why you did that terrible caricatures as if you are making fun of the tsunami? do you think its funny? have you experienced it? after the CNN ireport told the world about this awful drawing, then you apologise??? its breaks my heart seeing all of those innocent people dying rapidly because of this. all the senior citizens and kids, helpless. one by one killed, smashed, drown and all of those imaginable stuff. to all the Muslims out there who are reading this, say Alhamdulillah that we still have a chance to live. and for the non-muslims, just be thankful for god that have given you a chace to live and be a better person.

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