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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Establishment of ANAHAFI

Noticed my blog is currently named 'guys and girls... its ANAHAFI !'? well its because thats the name of my beloved group. as in ...


What is Anahafi?
 -This group was made by only the Sekolah Kebangsaan Sek 19 ex students. this is a group where the group members are alike and gets along well (sort of :P)

How did we suddenly have this idea for a group?
-It was first in math class. our teacher said we've accidentally over studied. so he came up with the idea to do some math games. we need to build a group and name it. So the guys (azib,fazmeer and imran) came to our table. so now we have a group. then we need to think of a good sophisticated name. suddenly hani and aliah popped out and idea. they took the first letters of our name and combined it. we got a name with just 1 try of scrambling the words.

What do we do in this group?
- normally we just play the math games together. but now its like a group we can depend on. if we are bored, we chat around together. if we dont know anything, we ask each others' opinion. normally we fight and argue alot. but with this group, we became
an.... inch closer. -.-'

Do we have any special activities?
- yes we do. we gathered every group members' ambition and we made stories, drawings and future planning. for example; hani wants to be a doctor who is professional in everything. so she plans to build 'ANAHAFI Private Hospital. Me and Fazmeer wants to be the best pilots in Malaysia and work with OUR company, the ANAHAFI Airlines. Fazmeer's the pilot and i'm the co-pilot. because of us, hani wants to be a flight controller :P. Aliah wants to be a successful engineer and open up the ANAHAFI engineering. Nurin wants to be a detective, azib a fireman, and imran wants to be a successful modern farmer / cowboy. HAHA!

I'll write more about the ANAHAFI after i fing my blue book where i keep all the ANAHAFI stuff.... FREAKING OUTT!!!!

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