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Friday, April 29, 2011

Still strong to go on. . .

Continuing to my last post...

      For the second day, we had ANOTHER debate. two in fact. Since im in a lazy mood and i realy want to watch the Royal Wedding right now... I'll keep it reaaaal short. We lost the 3rd round and won the 4th round. its an awesome day not including the time Kat and Don abandon me. buttt.... we did make it to the Octofinals. Oh well.... Next time world... next time... >:D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Debate Competition :D

 Today i went to my first debate competition! yayyyyyyyy~~~ it was the 9th NATIONAL ENGLISH DEBATE COMPETITION TAN SRI DATUK PADUKA DR HAJJAH SALEHA DEBATE CUP 2011. Yea! I dare you to say that in one breath! Its at HELP University, Damansara... "University!!" TAKE THAT!!! :D but believe me, it was INTENSE. the motion (title of debate) was kinda hard for a first timer.


My first reaction when reading that is like. Dear god, break my leg so i wont go. why was i panicking so much??? Its because that i have to enter at the last minute! CARMIELA!!! WHY?!?! well at least everything went well... :P

the Goverment team was quite awesome. they're from SMK Sultanah Asma, KEDAH!. Miss Michelle Teoh, Aifa & Alia Radzi. they were really nice :D

Oh, BTW, we won! :D me first real debate ever and my team won! tell me if im not happy!

Then the second round was awesome as well. something about INTRODUCING DEVELOPING COUNTRIES TO MINIMUM WAGE LEGISLATION, BUT BUT but but! Thats the round where i was at my WORST. Im talking about unorganized, stutter, nervous bla bla... BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY "I WAS A MESS" but good thing the other school was not that great. but they're an INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL! :D Garden International for that matter! they like.. gave soooooo little POIs and i was SUPER relieved. *thank you god*

and..... WE WON! again!
Don and me were like... how to say... " WE BEAT AN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN AND INTERNATIONAL MOTION!!! YEAH!!!! BANANAS UNITE!!!!" (we're Banananians)

Extremely happy and we went to a SUBWAY nearby for snacks. it was pouring and we need to face that our shoes are literally soaked from the 'pond'. And we went home and slept in Teacher Manimaran's car. Kat slept infront. Don at the back COMFORTABLY. me sleeping on her knees which are sticking up and i had hip problems because of her.

Thats all for now i guess... I doubt you even read or understand what im saying!

Debaters From Sultanah Asma. From left, Alia Radzi, Michelle Teoh and Aifa Radzi. :)
good luck on your next debate guys!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Do you know I. . .

1) am one of the weirdest person in my class

2) likes online fights

3) always have been solo

4) hate obnoxious people

5) am addicted to Facebook

6) am like the WORST debater when its comes to serious debates?

7) have Hantu kak limah as a friend

8) have weird bestfriends

9) am part chinese

10) am an indoor person

11) have a hell of a messy room

12) very judgemental

13) am quite envious at people better than me

14) Bluerified

15) am my friends' personal counselor

16) am working on keeping my promisses

17) dont like my own body

18) Smiles disturbingly

19) an awesome friend

20) loves best friends to bits

Monday, April 18, 2011

Request Post

   Shhhhh! just now i opened my blog at the school computer! yea the teacher said we can open the computers... so... whattheheck right? just go for it! haha! oh and i showed my blog to Imran and Azib. they requested their pictures to be in my blog and so does the other ANAHAFI. well... here you go... HAPPY?!?!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Assalamualaikum and welcome :)

Let me be the first to say that... Congratulations! you can read this!

ahem... back to the point.its about this blog. you see... i think my blog is too.. umm.. serious? yea thats it! notice how i write things, it looks kinda serious and ya know... too 'straight to the point'... so i need some opinions... 1 or 2 opinions might be enough... 

should i loosen up a bit? or just stay like this?


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