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Friday, January 14, 2011

Best friend

when I was at standard two & three, i was best friends at 'sekolah agama' with this girl... (Nazirah) i loved her because she accepts me for who i am... :)one day... she moved to another house... she still studies at SKS 20 while I study at SKS 19... but she move to another 'sekolah agama'... so I wont be seeing her again...well, thats what i thought. but we still keep in touch by sending letters. she wrote me a letter and passes the letter to her SKS 20 friends who went to the same sekolah agama with me. and her friend will give it to me. the problem is.. back then i was to lazy to write back. yes... i regret that. it's been about three years since i met her. i never forget her face. so i just went on with my life. this year i went to SMKS 19..  SKS 19  and SKS 20 pupils will be studying there. i met a lot of my SKS 20 friends. its been so long since i met them. the reason is that i quit sekolah agama for about 1-2 years. so it was like a huge reunion. little did i know, nazirah was the same class with me!!! at first i doubted her to even remember me. but after Hani talked to her.. she stills remembers me. so i was in great joy.. i started rolling my body on her table haha!

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