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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Class 'makeover'

Today my friends went to school to do a makeover. and yes... we're wasting our saturday morning. i was in charge of the polystyrenes. and paint. holy cow that was hard! so brought all my stuff... even my crayons... aannndddddddd i forgot to bring the paint brushes. -.-' thank god my friend brought one. so my 'assistant' hehe uses the brush while i use.... my own fingers. good news is, my teacher bought one more brush :D

things went on really well... the polysteryn banner was great! but my mom doesn't think the sentence is right... errr

always aim for the perfect! wait... is that right??????

well i have not much to say... so im putting the photos that i've taken from my ipod touch

 work your butt outs!!! MUAHAHAHA
 ainno & afrina!

 it turned out GOOD! :D

 adam's IPHONE!!!! WITH HORNS!!!
 see? owh... and i did the decoration... my teacher said they are going to make me 'suffer' just because im creative! i need to 'suffer' nest week too!!! T^T

bye bye huge school....

and now... i am HAPPILY polishing my nails. my nails suffered the most :P

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