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Monday, May 2, 2011

What i love about my besties

Nadhirah: understanding out of all my friends. honest about her life. share secrets even crazy ones :D. She's there whenever i need her especially when i need good and LOGICAL advice.

Hani: Besties since 7. We had our ups and downs but we ended up in the middle. ALWAYS. Craziest among all the people in our class therefore we are 'special'. understanding and loves each other to bits. trusts me in certain occasion. loves me for who i am. Awesome Groupie

Aimie: the one thats cheerful and makes me cheerful. the one who accepts the fact that im crazy and weird. understands what i've been through. easy to be with and a new best friend

Aliah: the one that can relate to my emo side. keeps my secrets and shares her's. understands my 'problem' wink wink ;) likes to spicin' up my life and make me do risky things.

Alya: the Awesome one. a funny yet a true person. thinks straight unlike any of us.

Fazmeer: the one who is 'ok' with my weird-awkward personality. I can easily tell him stuff with not much hesitation. Awesome Groupie

Azib: The craziest one in the team beating me and hani :P the comedian. the one who gos through it without even thingking. an Awesome Groupie

Rahman: not afraid to tell secrets to me. the weird yet awesome one.the 'im not afraid to do anything' guy. out of the ordinary

Imran: the blur yet funny one in the team. never thinks completely (just like me) the 'whatever' kind of person. the 'talented' comedian. an Awesome Groupie.

Hafizin: now we only talk in facebook group chats but he is the only one willing to answer my chats eventhough there are many online people. and yes, he's crazy too.

I noticed a lot of you guys are crazy. And DUDES... I know you guys got a 'little' problem... but fix it out! I love having you guys as my besties so dont make it complicated ! my gosh you guys were so close before.... cant you guys make that happen again? :) P/S i got more besties. if youre not on the list doesnt make you not one of my besties. :D

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