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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Awesomeness of Photography Club

It has this picture on it but mine has awesome effects ;D
Assalamualaikum to my muslim redaers and WAZZAP to all

I was looking forward for today since. . . last week maybe? the photography club is holding an ADOBE PHOTOSHOP COURSE. Pure Awesomeness. .  i mean like, WE GET FREE FOOD! :D it was lovely. . . it was lovely. wonder why my primary school never gives out fried rice with chicken chop for free. My friend DINI and i were the only form one in the course. we were sort of blurred because we went in late so we didnt get the first part... it went well. IT WAS HARD. . . though I have to leave Dini alone halfway because i was late for my dentist oppointment missed half of the class. well what was i to do?! my mom actually looked for me in the lab! but with that i have awesome black braces and two shirts. one of em is. . . a. . . DOMO SHIRT! :[]

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