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Thursday, September 23, 2010

UPSR is now officially over!

Our UPSR test. This test is one of THE most important  test in any Malaysian students life! we've been studying and studying hoping to get five As! Alas, it's finally over!most pupils were relieved because the questions are quite easy. But some are still nervous. This results can take the five As pupils to boarding school. Many students already applied for boarding school online.

as we took our aptitude test, we were overjoyed to see so much spare time before the prefects collect the papers. we secretly talked... and talked... and... it became no secret... the group of arrogant and annoying boys siting at their tables which near mine was making so much noise that i just sit and think what am i gonna do with them... ( stabbing them with 5 inch heels! ) Yes... From what i noticed... many kids are starting to use their facebook again. Before this test, parents do not let their children play internet. most of them have to study study stuuuuudy! I enjoy seeing all my friends name in the chat list... ohhh... UPSR... u did such cruel things to us...

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