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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Love You....

   My friend met a guy at Facebook. He was her sister's ex-boy. the last time she saw that man was when she was six. But now she's twelve and matured...At first the girl treated the boy as a close friend... Then a brother... And now, a mate. Before this, she has other mates...bad ones. they played around with her feelings and she ended up miserable. But this man ( not a boy anymore ) is the person who killed her sadness. even though he is double her age, she didn't mind at all. All she thinks about is true love. She hopes with all her heart hoping he is special and not like her past boy friends. she dares to do anything for this man. withstand the rain that drizzling on her. withstand the heat when hanging with friends and waiting for this man. withstand cold breezy wind just to see his face. and most of all... she became patient...she was not a patient girl before this.
   And this man... this man would do anything to make her happy. this man accompanied her everywhere. Even though he has another girlfriend studying in the U.S., he still loves the girl. He gave her gifts and rides to make her trust him even better.

~ My friend... good luck~

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