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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


  as you all know, year six students had their UPSR. now the time has come... the results are in.... who will rise? who will fall? who will be the best of them all? we'll find out.... TOMORROW! yea... most people are shivering right now. how come i'm still calm?!?! Umm... Hello! get back to reality brain! My friends can't even sleep tonight! I just can't sleep coz im catching up on my Facebook! my friends was like ;
" OMG what if I dont get 5As??? I'm so terrified! I want to go to boarding school so badly man!"

  Oh gosh.... My life is rolling as we speak...

Atleast theres some happiness behind all this...unhappiness. I got the first prize for the 1 Malaysia poster drawing contest.
 I even won First place for the colouring contest. who would have thought i would won first prize when there is so many talented students at the other schools! HUZZAH!I just got back from Langkawi. my school made a school trip there. unfortunately, theres only seven pupils attending. but.. The less the better!

  ohhh... Life's good yet Complicated...OFF TOPIC!

  Hmmm..... there's much to say now since my ideas are gone from writing this stuff that has nothing to do with the topic.. so... ummm....bye then.

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