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Friday, August 27, 2010


Ramadhan (fasting month) is a tough month. It's a month for Islams to fast( berpuasa ) for a whole day without doing things that god hates us to do.It's also the most loved month in the islamic calender because if they do anything good such as praying, their reward (pahala) will increase who knows how many folds! In order to complete a day of fasting, Islams must not do bad things like stealing. We also can't look at bad things ( perkara yg tidak bagus ). Every night, Islam must recite a wish (niat).

Yes, this month does sound pretty hard. People might think, 'how on earth can they survive without eating for a whole day?' Well, that's easy, early in the morning before the sun rises and before the azan also knowned as 'Imsak', Islams eat to gain energy for daytime. After eating, they must make sure that there is no food left in their mouthes. Around twilight,  when the azan for 'maghrib' was heard, Islams dine with their family (berbuka puasa).  before eating, they need to recite a prayer(berdoa).


If muslim want to follow the traditions of  the muslims' last prophet (nabi Muhammad S.A.W), They would eat  a few dates( buah kurma) and a glass of water then go fulfill their 'maghrib' prayers. After that, they would dine.

note from Echah: please read this until the end bcause my hands are aching from typing all this. i'll appreciate if u do. =)

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